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Why Your LMS is Hindering Learning Measurement


Historically, learning has been measured within the LMS. The focus of measurement is on the metrics that learning systems can capture. Keep in mind that learning is a shift in behaviour, not a measurement of data that an LMS can record.

And activities are what an LMS can measure. eLearning in the main. Sometimes a few extra components.

Real learning, however, takes place in the workplace when employees are performing their duties. In contrast, there is little test-based learning that has any real impact within the LMS. Some. And we get that our learning management system competitors have an opposing view, but we all know the reality.

What, then, is the new path forward?

Before you start, be very clear on what capabilities you want to change. Have a clear definition of what the capability is. And defined levels of competence. Then assess either an individual, team, cohort or business on current levels. Then through many different ways go out and learn. Then at a set point in time in the future, reassess and see how all the investments in learning such as workshops, coaching, online courses, mentoring, lessons in the field, osmosis in the office and so forth play together.  

Then you’ll see true learning measurement. 

And from here you’ll see true business impact. 

And that’s what we mean when you see us talking about “no more learning”

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