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External Learning

Share or sell your content

Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple portals with one platform for customers, partners, and associations.

Don’t just sell content.
Maximize it.

Learn more about your users, improve adoption, and optimize spending with capability assessments that show you what every learner needs.

Only pay for what you use

Save money and learn more about your customers with monthly passes that means you only pay for learners who use the platform.

  • Understand your annual outlay for better budgeting

  • Identify usage trends and popular content with learners

  • Simplify invoicing and budgeting to reduce administrative hassle (read: no surprise invoices)

  • Test your audience’s capability to deliver the content that matters to them

Automate payments and tax

Native integrations with leading tax and payment processors give learners more ways to pay and ensure your business complies with local regulations.

  • Add payments to courses before learners enroll

  • Stay compliant with local tax regulations thanks to Avalara AvaCloud integration

  • Store and manage transaction history and receipts in Acorn

Get content in front of learners faster

Create catalogues for every tenancy and enable new users to browse content without having to log in or create an account.

  • Customize multiple catalogues for individual tenancies and learner portals

  • Secure usage with Single Sign On and user-specific log in

  • Create demand for content before learners enroll

  • Integrate Acorn’s catalogue into other websites without consuming any licenses

Take your learning content to the bigger stage

Tell us a little more about how you want to share your learning content and we’ll show you how Acorn can help.

Looking for specific
learning features?

Share content, retain IP

Upload SCORM content and share it across tenancies and outside your platform, all while maintaining control of your IP with a master version.

  • Share content across multiple tenants and learning portals

  • Distribute content to third parties and other LMS platforms

  • Report on third-party content completions in Acorn through SCORM content

  • Group content into distribution channels to see which have the best adoption

  • Maintain IP with a master version in Acorn

Choose your own language

Get access to more languages in Acorn PLMS and create more personalized, accessible, and comfortable learning experiences.

  • Change languages at the tenancy level or enable learners to choose their own

  • Ensure cost-efficiency for multi-location training

  • Comply with local regulations and standards

Portals for diverse learner groups

Provide contextual environments for each learner group in your audience. To be clear: that’s a tenancy branded and personalized for every different group.

  • Customize multiple tenants and cohorts to show the most relevant learning to each learner

  • Deliver real-time interactive and instructor-led learning experiences

  • Enable users to self-register and enroll

Best Client Experience – Wonderful People to Work With!

The people who have been supporting us in the background, helping us get set up with a new learning platform. The team has been wonderful to meet and work with, and we have learned many opportunities to customize the platform to our unique needs and desires for our Early Learning community here in Dufferin County.

Don’t just take our word for it

Discover how others are stepping into the future of performance and learning management.

Learn about our customers

Keep learning about external learning management.

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