Comprehensive learning management solution designed to empower partners, customers, and association members with effective training, assessment and professional development

Your Path to External Learning Success

Boost partnerships, ensure compliance, and ignite excellence.


Acorn’s external learning management solution equips you with multiple learning portals, cohort & social learning, custom branding, and extensive content management and reporting.


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Our vision is a world where organizations maximize performance efficiently by giving their external stakeholders precisely the information they need to maximize opportunity.

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Acorn PLMS customer
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Acorn PLMS customer
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Tenancy Management

  • Streamline user access with efficient management.
  • Tailor content and permissions for each group.
  • Boost organization-wide efficiency and control.
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Cohort & Social Learning

  • Foster collaboration with cohort-based study.
  • Engage learners through social interaction.
  • Elevate results with shared knowledge.
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Custom Branding

  • Elevate your brand with custom branding.
  • Enhance professionalism with white labeling.
  • Establish a unique, memorable online presence.
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Content Management

  • Effortlessly streamline content organization.
  • Easily upload, update, and share resources.
  • Ensure a dynamic, engaging learning library.
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Reporting & Analytics

  • Illuminate performance through data analysis.
  • Track progress with actionable insights.
  • Drive decision-making with detailed metrics.
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Corporate learning is broken. Acorn PLMS is the antidote.

Impact not overload

Stop wasting people’s time. Facilitate contextual, peer-based learning that eliminates information overload, instead of making learners wade through volumes of content simply for learning’s sake. 

Less learning is more

Both leaders and learners are tired of uninspiring training and performance reviews. People crave paths to excellence but are sick of wasting time wading through mountains of content because someone said so. 

No more lost learning

Your people are learning outside your LMS by interacting with peers—and that learning is lost.​ Acorn captures things that are already happening and makes them easy to find, facilitating knowledge transfer between employees and fostering a learning-in-the-flow culture where everyone helps each other get better.

Consolidated LMS platform

One LMS that is best-of-breed for both internal and external use cases (i.e., for employees, partners, members, citizens, paid customers, and volunteers) and provides a system of record.

Do you want learning experiences synchronized to business performance?

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