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Internal Learning

Share learnings, test understanding

Don’t just tick a compliance box. Acorn’s internal learning management system gives your people the tools to share knowledge, evaluate progress, and grow in their careers.

Learning with a purpose.

Learning should impact business performance.
That’s why we do things differently.

Show impact, not completions

Don’t just show how much time your people are wasting. See what learnings actually change behaviors and move the business needle.

  • Gap analysis reports show learners the exact path they need to progress

  • Clear overview of capability gaps makes it easier to identify areas for improvement at a glance

  • Make informed decisions about resource allocation, training initiatives, and strategic planning

Plan progress to business goals

Create personalized learning paths for every learner tied directly to business goals, so they can see how they can grow and have impact.

  • Personalize learning paths to develop each learner’s role-specific capabilities

  • Create intuitive user interfaces so learners can track progress

  • Show learners how their development contributes to organizational success

Align content with job roles

Don’t fill your library with meaningless courses and expect learners to find what they need. Map the content that matters to each role, department, and location

  • Enhance job performance and productivity with learning directly applicable to responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigate risks associated with non-compliance

  • Provide insights into training effectiveness across teams and departments with detailed reporting.

Take your learning content to the bigger stage

Tell us a little more about how you want to share your learning content and we’ll show you how Acorn can help.

Looking for the basics?
We have those, too.

UI built for you, by you

Boost adoption with a user interface that is entirely customizable to your brand and needs. No developers required, just your imagination.

  • Customize the white labelled user interfaces at the tenant and user levels

  • Develop A/B tests for learner dashboards with drag-and-drop widget layouts

  • Put courses and reminders where your learners can see them

  • Retain IP rights outside of your platform

Portals for every learner need

No more one-size-fits-all. Create custom environments for different learner groups and retain control with multi-tenant functionality.

  • Design separate branded environments across multiple tenants and portals

  • Enhance security with user-specific permissions

  • Generate targeted reports for each learner group to understand learner engagement and inform decision-making

Inspire with blended learning

Make learning fun again with content formats for every learning style. Bring in experts for webinars, build quizzes for knowledge testing, and get feedback so you know what’s working.

  • Combine activities with live learnings for more engaging, blended learning

  • Set and automate enrollments, due dates and more in the platform and via email

Automate and ensure compliance

Forget manually tracking compliance. Assign automated workflows to courses and programs and ensure your workforce is always ahead of the curve.

  • Map content to job roles to put the right information in front of learners at the right time

  • Create your own content or use our curated partners for the most up-to-date compliance content

  • Automate refresher and reminder notifications with course workflows so learners never miss a deadline

  • Build more complex workflows and triggers across your whole org with Momentum

A Clear Winner

When researching a new LMS for our company Acorn PLMS was a clear front runner when compared to other providers. The sales team was very helpful and quick to answer any questions or concerns. I look forward to digging deeper into the system!

Don’t just take our word for it.

Discover how others are stepping into the future of performance and learning management.

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