The enterprise learning management system tailored to your workforce, facilitating capability development, performance evaluation, and career growth for your employees

Focus on Impact, Not Overload

Do away with pointless learning, unfinished courses, and the bottomless course catalogue of pain.


Acorn’s employee learning management solution equips you with live learning management, cohort learning, multi-tenancy, leading user experience, and advanced reporting & analytics.


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Our vision is a world where organizations maximize performance efficiently by giving their people precisely the information they need to reach their full potential.

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Live Learning Management

  • Elevate engagement with real-time webinars.
  • Foster collaboration through live Q&A sessions.
  • Drive retention with interactive live workshops.
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Cohort & Collaborative Learning

  • Boost productivity with group-driven tasks.
  • Accelerate growth through peer-to-peer insights.
  • Fuel motivation with shared milestones.
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  • Streamline control over multiple tenants and learning portals.
  • Enhance security with tailored access rights.
  • Simplify scaling across diverse stakeholders and users.
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Reporting & Analytics

  • Uncover insights with in-depth data analysis.
  • Track progress with customizable reports.
  • Report in minutes instead of hours.
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Learner Experience

  • Personalize learning with a tailored profile.
  • Enhance engagement through user-specific content.
  • Maximize progress tracking and achievements.
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