Acorn PLMS integrations.

We play nice with others.

Eliminate data inconsistencies, security concerns, and unnecessarily high integrations costs with Acorn.

What are your Acorn PLMS integration options?

Productivity Suites

Think G-Suite or M365


Think SuccessFactors or Workday


Think ADP or Aurion

3rd Party Content

Think LinkedIn Learning or Go1


Think Stripe or Square

Video Conferencing

Think Zoom or Webex

Authoring Tools

Think Adobe Captivate or Elucidat

Collaboration Tools

Think Evernote or Confluence


Think Rustici or SCORM Cloud

Customer Success

Think Intercom or Gainsight


Think Salesforce or HubSpot

Social Media

Think Facebook or HootSuite


Think WordPress or Kontent.AI


Think Integrity Advocate or Mettl

Assessment & Evaluation

Think ExamSoft or Kahoot

Language Translation

Think AWS translator on G11N

Digital Learning Environment

Think Pearson’s MyLab

Member Engagement Platforms

Think Higher Logic or Hivebrite

And via the following integration types






What’s the catch? Why are our competitors charging many multiples for both integration builds and maintenance?

  • Integrations are one of the top 3 reasons customers join us from another learning technology provider.
  • One of our goals is to be easy to work with, and this removes that hurdle.
  • We know you get a lot more value when integrations work as expected, and in return we know our customers stay with us longer.
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In short, we’re in it for the long haul with you. So, we figure let’s start right.

Cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality, and expensive doesn’t always mean good.

It seems to be an established truism that learning technology integrations need to be expensive and take months to years to build in the eLearning space. But for us, that just doesn’t work out to be true with our customers.

Do not underestimate the importance of your performance learning management system integrations, they enable more than you think.

Getting Business Buy-In: Do you need IT buy-in? Are you in IT, and fed-up with underperforming eLearning suppliers?

Measuring ROI and Learning Impact: Where does your reporting data need to seamlessly go? Also think visualisation, with tools like Power BI.

Building an Organisational Learning Culture: Share multiple content formats across multiple content platforms.

Supporting Learning in a Hybrid Workforce: With work from home, anywhere or hybrid firmly established, integrations to enable learning become paramount.

And on that point… Embedding Learning into the Flow of Work: Reduce friction by integrating your LMS with your digital HQ.

PLMS key features designed to not just enable you to do your job, but get you promoted.

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