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An investment with real returns

Volume and multi-year discounts, no hidden feeds, and licenses proportional to rollout usage.



For internal organizational development, learning teams and member associations.

  • Gap analysis

  • Custom frameworks

  • Capability assessments

  • Third-party frameworks

  • Performance history

  • Succession planning

From $3,500 per year


HR Workflow Automation

  • External training programs

  • Cyclical performance plans

  • Onboarding

  • Mentoring

  • Integrated course workflows

  • Builder workflow access

  • PIP

From $1,500 per year



For employee learning needs

  • White labelled UI

  • Learner portals

  • Workflows

  • Live learnings

  • User and admin Interfaces

  • Cohort management

From $6,000 per year


For customer, partner, sales, assocation leaders and more

  • Multiple learner portals

  • Automated tax management

  • Live learning

  • Payments

  • Self-registration

  • Remote content sharing

  • Cross-tenancy content sharing

From $9,000 per year

Our products are different, so our pricing is too.

No hoop jumping

Learn for Good

No platform fee

Cutting-edge infrastructure

Volume savings

Multi-year discounts

Personalized client success


How long does it take to implement Acorn?

Implementation takes 6 – 8 weeks, on average.

Coming soon, we’ll have a self-service certification program for new administrators. This’ll help you reclaim time spent training on a new system upfront, and give you the tools to train others in your organization to admin Acorn, too.

What are your payment terms?

Annual upfront billing, net 30.

We can match payment terms with your budget cycles, so there’s no stress if you need something other than annual billing although this is preferred to keep processes efficient on both sides.

Can I do add-ons at a later stage? Will there be a penalty in time or monetary terms?

If you need to add-on to your subscription, this can be done at any point in your subscription cycle with new charges pro-rated for the remaining subscription term.

Why don’t you charge an implementation fee?

We have a 98% customer retention rate because we focus on your success with Acorn. We know you get a lot more value when implementations go smoothly, and in return, we know our customers stay with us longer. It’s a win-win.

Can you quote for small businesses?

Acorn’s suite of products is purposefully designed for midsize to enterprise organizations who want to create sustainable business growth by better aligning performance and learning. Larger companies tend to be at the stage where they’ve already introduced or are introducing capability-led strategies, which is right where we like to play.

In short, we’ve learned that our expertise is better served nurturing larger companies on that journey, which means we don’t partner with SMBs.

We can support a wide range of use cases, but don’t want to make any false promises that we can service all use cases. We believe that any vendor that says they can isn’t giving any of their customers the service they deserve.

However, we have a slightly different approach for non-profit organizations. Read more about that under What is Learn 4 Good?

What’s the difference between internal and external pricing?

First: a couple of definitions. Internal learning refers to learning that is managed and delivered within an organization, generally for employees. External learning is defined as training sold or shared to learners outside of an organization, such as partners, customers, or clients.

The pricing difference comes down to how we know internal and external learners interact with the system. The internal learning pricing model is full access and charges for user licenses. External learning is based on usage. We’re always happy to talk in more detail about this, so drop us a line if you’re curious.

Is support included in pricing?

We don’t believe in complicated pricing tiers, which is why we offer two support packages.

Everyone has access to our standard offering, which includes:

  • Email, phone, and online portal support
  • DIY self-help knowledge base
  • Renewals Manager.

To really help increase adoption and usage (two of the biggest pain points for technology), we also offer a Technical Account Manager (TAM) package. With a TAM, you get everything in the standard package plus a dedicated point of contact that provides strategic advice, a direct line of feedback to our product team, and benchmarked analytics.

Our TAM package is quoted specific to your deployment size for maximized spend, so contact us directly for more information.

What is Learn for Good?

Learn 4 Good is our way to support causes close to our hearts. Every year, we set aside a portion of our budget to empower our network of NFPs to achieve their goals and drive change with customized pricing. Learn more about the program here.

Ready to take the next step?

Tell us a little more about your organization’s performance and learning goals and we’ll show you how Acorn can help.

Still have questions?

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