Enterprise performance management solution, crafted to empower your internal workforce by optimizing productivity, evaluating performance, nurturing talent, and fostering professional growth

Goal, Plan, Assess, Improve. Performance Perfected.

Get performance, productivity, and engagement uplift in one place.


Momentum by Acorn PLMS gives you goal setting & tracking, review management, 360-degree feedback, self-assessment, and self-serve portals all linked to learning to drive improved performance every day.


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Our vision is a world where organizations maximize performance by giving their people precisely the goals, plans, and ability to assess and drive improvement in one.

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Make your purchase with confidence, knowing that we are endorsed by not only our large customer list, but also industry analysts who consistently recognize us as a top performer.


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Goal Setting & Tracking

  • Drive success with strategic goal setting.
  • Effortlessly monitor progress in real-time.
  • Achieve targets through data-driven insights.
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Performance Review Management

  • Streamline reviews for efficient feedback.
  • Elevate employee growth with structured evaluations.
  • Foster transparency and accountability.
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360-Degree Feedback

  • Gain holistic insights with 360-degree feedback.
  • Enhance self-awareness through diverse viewpoints.
  • Empower well-rounded personal development.
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  • Take control with insightful self-assessment.
  • Measure growth through self-reflection.
  • Chart your path to continuous improvement.
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Self-Service Portal

  • Empower users with a user-friendly portal.
  • Access resources and support at your convenience.
  • Simplify tasks with self-guided assistance.
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Corporate learning is broken. Acorn PLMS is the antidote.

Capabilities over skills

Acorn is the only solution that guides learners step by step to master the specific capabilities of their roles that will accelerate organizational performance. ​Skills deliver task completions. Capabilities deliver performance results.

Less learning is more

Both leaders and learners are tired of uninspiring training and performance reviews. People crave paths to excellence but are sick of wasting time wading through mountains of content because someone said so. 

No more lost learning

Your people are learning outside your LMS by interacting with peers—and that learning is lost.​ Acorn captures things that are already happening and makes them easy to find, facilitating knowledge transfer between employees and fostering a learning-in-the-flow culture where everyone helps each other get better.

Embedded performance management

By presenting contextual learning opportunities while tightly linking learning and performance, Acorn empowers people to grow and excel in precisely the ways that positively impact outcomes. 

Do you want learning experiences synchronized to business performance?

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