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Competency-driven performance assessments

Measure the capabilities that matter to your business, assess learners on the competencies that are important in their roles, and develop performance that impacts the bottom line.

Forget the boring old
skills taxonomies.

Performance should impact business.
Employees should know how they can have an impact. That’s why Capabilities matter.

Have productive
 performance conversations.

Give each learner a personal plan for career growth from day one, and give both learners and leaders the information to have productive performance conversations.

  • Create development plans connected to each learner’s role, goals, and competencies

  • Provide managers with dashboards that give insight to help and guide learners

  • Eliminate proximity or recency bias with full performance and training history

  • Empower learners and leaders to have productive conversations

Report on impact, not ratings.

Capability assessments drill down on the exact proficiency level learners are performing at, and give them the content they need to progress.

  • Gap analysis shows gaps in knowledge at the learner and organizational level

  • Track behavioral change with self and manager assessments

  • Automate capability assessments at pre-defined milestones

  • Get 360-degree feedback on performance for learners and leaders

Build your own capability framework.

Use Acorn to create your own custom framework with role, competency, and proficiency levels from our proprietary capability library.

  • Acorn AI discovers and defines capabilities to match your organization’s strategy

  • Build your own capability framework and immediately use within Acorn

  • Leverage ready-to-use third-party frameworks keep you in front of industry trends

  • Map content to capabilities for more contextual learning

Help learners see their future.

Give employees goals to work towards with succession plans designed to develop them into the leaders your organization needs.

  • Simplify finding high performers for succession with a gap analysis

  • Decrease ramp time with automatically generated development plans

  • Ensure relevance with AI-recommended content based on capabilities and job responsibilities

  • Show learners how they impact overall strategy

Deliver more personalized training with AI.

Other AIs simply create more content for you. Acorn AI helps make relevant content easily discoverable for learners by mapping it to capabilities that impact business.

I love this PLMS! I believe it has everything we need to be able to offer competency-based training!

What do you like best about Acorn PLMS?
The Capabilities for sure! Being able to offer competency-based training and assessment is the way to go! Acorn PLMS is easy to use, and the implementation process offers you support and help in every step.

Where we empower, you succeed.

Don’t get left behind – discover how others are taking control of their performance and learning destinies with Acorn.

Learn about our customers

It’s time to step into the future of 
learning and performance.

Tell us how learning and performance is misaligned in your business, and we’ll show you how Acorn can get you ahead.

Keep learning about Capabilities.

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