About Us

The number one purpose of L&D is to help your organization achieve its goals by developing employee capabilities.

We’re on a mission to empower your people with strategic impact focused L&D tools.

Acorn PLMS (performance learning management system) is the dynamic AI-powered platform for learning experiences synchronized to business performance.

Corporate learning is broken. Acorn is the antidote. It’s the only solution that guides learners step by step to master the specific capabilities of their roles that will accelerate organizational performance.

Acorn captures things that are already happening and makes them easy to find. It facilitates knowledge transfer between employees and fosters a learning-in-the-flow culture where everyone helps each other get better.

By presenting contextual learning opportunities while linking learning and performance, Acorn equips people to excel in precisely the ways that positively impact outcomes. Acorn enables companies, governments and other institutions worldwide to consistently align individual growth with business objectives through a performance-oriented LMS. Designed to codify and operationalize capabilities to improve organizational efficiency, Acorn curates internal and third party sources and intelligently serves up the right learning recipe for each person’s betterment. It also captures key interactions hidden within organizations, transforming them into shareable learning assets that promote knowledge exchange at scale.

Acorn’s AI collects tangible evidence of behavior change, creating a comprehensive record of individual learning experiences mapped to their impact on performance. It facilitates continual employee assessment in a feedback loop that measures improvement not completions. This enables companies to identify people with desired capabilities, promote from within and enhance retention, engagement and satisfaction. Uniquely, Acorn addresses the issue of multiple LMSs plaguing organizations, providing one PLMS for employee, partner, customer, member and citizen use cases. 

Here are our values and some of the things that set us apart.

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We think outside the box by adapting, evolving and being creative.

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We design solutions for people that are meaningful, authentic and long-lasting.

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We face challenges head-on, take calculated risks, back ourselves and each other.

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We lead with compassion, actively listen and take on all perspectives.

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We tell the whole story with honesty, openness and with clarity.

Experience Acorn For Yourself

At Acorn, we’ve designed a system that supports organisations looking to invest in their most valuable asset – their employees. We take the time to learn about our one million (and counting) users to ensure our intuitive PLMS is the right fit for them. Get in touch with one of our eLearning experts to chat about how Acorn can help achieve your goals.