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About Acorn

People hate performance reviews. They find learning pointless.

We’re changing that.

Acorn is not your normal LMS or LXP. We are rethinking corporate learning and performance technology because learning and performance initiatives have failed. 

Organizations are bogged down by smart people not operating at their full potential. Acorn is pioneering the Performance Learning Management System (PLMS) so that learners know how to be successful in their roles and leaders can have productive performance conversations with an accurate development plan.  

Acorn eliminates unmanageable competency spreadsheets and ensures content adoption with our proprietary AI-driven library of over 600 capabilities and 1600+ competencies.  

The platform enables ongoing performance evaluation and feedback loops through various capability assessments and gap analyses. We also recommend content for learners based on their defined capabilities, autonomously creating personalized development plans for all learners.  

Acorn PLMS envisions a world where leaders have objective and productive conversations about performance, learners see what they need to have an impact, and organizations support every learner with a development plan from day one. 

Our values

lightbulb icon that represents the acorn value of innovation


We think outside the box by adapting, evolving and being creative.

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We design solutions for people that are meaningful, authentic and long-lasting.

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We face challenges head-on, take calculated risks, back ourselves and each other.

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We lead with compassion, actively listen and take on all perspectives.

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We tell the whole story with honesty, openness and with clarity.

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