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Acorn PLMS Features

Performance LMS features designed so you can:

Focus on impact not overload.

Deliver effective blended learning. 

Link learning with performance.

Report in minutes not hours.

Top PLMS features from Acorn

Acorn Learning and Performance Platform
Acorn Platform
Key Features External LMS Internal LMS Capability Building HR Workflow Automation
Assignments Engine X X
Asynchronous (Instructor-led) X X
Asynchronous (Self-paced) X X
Attendance Tracking X X
Automated Report Scheduling X X
Blended Learning X X
Certificate Management X X
Cohort Learning (Collaborative / Synchronous Learning) X X
Gamification X X
Learning Pathways X X
Live Learning Management X X
Mobile App X X
Multilanguage Support X X
Multi-Tenancy Management X X
Onboarding X
Payments X X
Reporting & Analytics including Dashboards X X
Resources, Videos, Programs and Pages X X
Reusable PPTs, PDFs, Videos X X
Self-Registration X
Shopping cart X X
Social Learning X X
Tests Engine X X
Video Conferencing Integration X X
xAPI / TinCAn / SCORM compliance X X
API integrations X X
Whitelabelling X X
Headless X
Capability Discovery X
Capability Library & Templates X
Capability Assessment X
Capability Development Plan X
Capability Development Plan Education Mapping X
Drag-and-drop workflow builder X
Customizable templates X
Conditional logic and branching X
Role-based access control X
Automated notifications and reminders X
Task assignment and delegation X
Real-time progress tracking X
Mobile and desktop accessibility X
Collaboration and communication tools X
Document and file management X
Electronic signature support X
Process versioning and change management X
Advanced security and data protection X
Customizable reporting and analytics X

PLMS key features designed to not just enable you to do your job, but get you promoted.

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Learning Strategy

  • Lead development of a learning strategy aligned with business strategy.
  • Definitive explain your business case for your learning strategy.
  • Guides the execution of L&D tactics in line with the strategy.
  • Lead L&D tactics aligned to the strategy.

Here’s how:

PLMS Capabilities

Learning Operations

  • Deliver practices to enhance L&D performance.
  • Aid others to stay ahead of the curve by discovering pertinent connections, sources, and events.
  • Enable managers to develop their people with relevant and timely feedback, tools and resources.
  • Find and analyse demand for learning resources.

Here’s how:

Course Management

Design and Develop Solutions

  • Business, performance and learning needs all solution aligned.
  • Decrease complexity of change initiatives with defined plans.
  • Curate new sources of information for stakeholders to engage.

Here’s how:

Tenancy Management

Learning Performance & Impact

  • Analyses data to determine whether learning interventions deliver desired performance outcomes.
  • Develop an assessment strategy for clear impact.
  • Use data analytics to clearly link learning solutions to business value and people impact.
  • Proactively put analytical standards, techniques, and technologies into practice.

Here’s how:


Facilitate Learning

  • Contracts scope and deliverables with stakeholders.
  • Generate learning and action by setting up, managing and debriefing learning.
  • Selects engaging tools and technology to support facilitation.
  • Manage the virtual environment to trouble shoot technical issues and plans for contingencies.

Here’s how:


Support Learning

  • Promotes technologies that can facilitate virtual communities and underpin effective conversations.
  • Promotes technologies that can facilitate team communication and collaboration.
  • Builds an environment for coaching to become effective.
  • Identifies opportunities for mentoring to support and improve professional and personal development.

Here’s how:

Live Learning Management

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