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Product development and management

Product development and management

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Marketing product development and management is the process of creating, developing, and managing a company’s product go-to-market (GTM) to meet the needs of the target market. This includes identifying market opportunities, researching customer needs, and supporting the product team in ensuring products align with those needs. It also includes managing the product marketing life cycle, from supporting product development to product launch, and ongoing product marketing management.

Beginner competence definition

Beginners understand the basic concepts of market product development and management, including the importance of identifying market opportunities and developing products that meet customer needs.

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate-level individuals are able to identify market opportunities and conduct market research, develop product concepts, and manage the product development process.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced individuals have an in-depth understanding of market product development and management principles. They can use data and market research to inform product strategy, evaluate product performance, and make strategic decisions to drive business growth.


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