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Acorn LMS Learning Centre

Streamlined multi-tenancy to 300,000 learners per annum


Government Funded Organisation LMS Case Study

  • Live Learning
  • Guided Learning
  • Automated Workflows
  • Single Sign-On
  • IAM Integration
  • INDUSTRY: Federal Government
  • DATE LIVE: 2017 – ongoing
  • CUSTOMER: Department of Education, Skills and Employment


The Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) manages all industry relationships with employment service providers. It is a requirement by law that these providers complete ongoing training on new legislation and policy changes as part of their assistance to Australian job seekers. 

Therefore, DESE created the Learning Centre to manage the legal requirements. This created requirements for: 

  1. A scalable learning platform for employment service providers to complete their required training 
  1. Within this platform, a tenancy for internal DESE employees 
  1. Ability to support a large volume of users in one location, both internal department employees and external users 
  1. Ability for each subscribing service provider to deliver individualised training. 


Acorn learning management system (LMS) was selected as the provider to deliver on Learning Centre. Acorn is hosted in Australia within AWS data centres and currently facilitates 1,000,000 million active learners per annum and growing. This gave DESE the confidence that Acorn was a scalable platform that could manage the significant volume of users from employment service providers.  

Acorn also created two tenancies to ensure the internal and external requirements were configured to exact requirements and ensure user experience and ease of use stayed front of mind. 

Given the significant volume of users, DESE also took advantage of Acorn’s automation workflow tool (Momentum) to ensure that manual processes were fully automated, reducing risk of errors and compliance, whilst increasing employee efficiencies.  

Automated data reporting to department payment systems was established to enable payments to compliant users. This was done alongside customised reporting that allows departments to automate their compliance records and empower the payment integrations to not require human intervention.  

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