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Compliance Training PLMS

Compliance is more than simply reducing business risk. You can also uplift employee performance. Ask us how.

Why is Acorn the handpicked PLMS for compliance training?


Confidently provide effective internal compliance across topics such as discrimination, harassment and more.


Assuredly deliver exemplary compliance rates and completion targets to meet government regulations.


Benefit from indirect high compliance benefits such as increased employee productivity.

  • Engaged Teams
  • Mobile First
  • Risk Mitigation
  • In It Together

Engaged Teams

Engage and motivate employees with leading gamification to high compliance.

Mobile First

Ensure compliance training is available anywhere and anytime with leading mobile experience.

Risk Mitigation

Everything digitally recorded and time stamped, ensuring litigation doesn’t become a problem.

In It Together

We have 24/7 onshore customer support available to all of our customers.

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Compliance training common questions

Acorn is an onshore, cloud-hosted service that is IRAP assessed to a protected level. Acorn is regularly penetration tested by third parties. Acorn meets ISO 27001, ISM, SOC and several other security standards.

Acorn can be installed on any domain. We just need access to the client’s desired domain, or we can acquire a domain or give them a subdomain of acornlms.

Acorn has site-wide rebranding capabilities including custom branding and colours on system-generated materials such as certificates.


Yes, users can utilise our messaging system which is 100% within the LMS. Administrators can also send emails to certain groups, such as a Live Learning.

Yes, Acorn features a powerful quiz/testing tool with a high-level of customisability such as a range of question formats, timed releases. (Quizzes are really powerful but confusing so most people find they need extra training.)

Acorn supports SCORM v1.2. Compatibility with HTML and Tin Can xAPI coming soon.

Acorn is widely compatible with different platforms such as Aurion, Xero, and LinkedIn Learning. (We can pretty much integrate with any platform that integrates with Moodle but also can use REST API and custom develop APIs for other platforms.)

Throughout our scoping process, our development team will gain an understanding of your immediate and future needs. We recognise there are processes that need to take place before the launch of your Acorn LMS, so this is where we will gather past records, completions, users and more to upload previous history into the LMS.

Acorn enables administrators to create a range of activities including quizzes, forums, feedback forms and various resources to support user engagement and learning.

  • Onboarding doc
  • Scoping process
  • Devs implement necessary records, API’s and integrations
  • Admins get access to instance to do testing
  • UAT
  • Launch


Still not feeling fully informed?

What is compliance training?

Compliance training is employee training that is required by regulation, policy, or legislation to educate your employees on the regulations or laws that apply to their industry or position. It ensures that safety standards are maintained in the workplace and prevents bad conduct from occurring.

Why is an LMS important for compliance training?

There are three great advantages of using an LMS in compliance training.

  1. Centralisation of data. Deliver training and track progress from one central location.
  2. Automation. Rather than creating your own courses, an LMS can pull relevant industry-standard compliance training into the system for your use.
  3. Security. A secure LMS allows you to safely deliver sensitive compliance training courses to your employees.

What are the types of compliance training you can do in an LMS?

There are five core types of compliance training, all of which can be disseminated to your employees via the use of an LMS.

  1. Health and safety training
  2. Cybersecurity training
  3. Diversity and inclusion training
  4. Ethics training
  5. Anti-harassment and discrimination training.