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L&D Strategy

Why Starting at the End of L&D Strategy Pays Off


Matt Gjertsen is a former instructor pilot for the US Air Force, former Head of Learning and Development at SpaceX and current Chief Learning Officer at Better Every Day Studios.

He joins Blake Proberts to talk about flipping your learning management cycle to start with strategic impact, why your learning budget doesn’t dictate results (sometimes lean budgets drive the best innovation), and what happens when self-directed learning is actually impeding strategic impact.

Listen to the full episode above or watch below.

Key takeaways

1. Work backwards to determine needed behaviour change.

Start with business outcomes and focus on real problems, not just assumed ones, to ensure learning addresses genuine needs.

2. Context remains king.

Think about how quickly people need to get information while, say, onboarding. The snappier and more digestible the content, the better.

3. Bridge gaps for people.

Not just business context, but also language, environment, and real-world scenarios in a specific learner’s job role.

4. Data will get you everywhere.

It’s like the master key to unlock all business doors. And understanding your LMS inside and out goes a long way towards delivering training that yields meaningful data.

5. You gotta tell people what behaviour to change.

That’s what learning is about, after all, and no one’s free of bias when evaluating themselves. Give people the context they need.

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