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L&D Strategy

Why You Need to Think of Yourself as a Business Executive First, Learning Leader Second


Keith Meyerson, Director of Talent Management at POWDR joins Blake Proberts on the Strategic L&D Podcast to discuss the need for stakeholder buy-in to deliver results in L&D, diagnosing L&D problems based on the symptoms stakeholders describe, and how to use a needs analysis to move from being a transactional cost centre to a true business partner. Listen to the full episode above or watch below.

Key takeaways

1. Consult & diagnose.

No one walks into their doctor’s office and says, this is what I need. Your job is to address the root cause of business problems.

2. Prove your value.

Want a seat at the table? Build credibility by showing L&D’s impact on the KPIs that matter.

3. Look for gaps in performance.

4. Performance support is the name of the game.

Focus on changing behaviours and relevant learning opportunities to ensure effective development.

5. Align with business.

So nice, we’ll say it twice: If your solutions don’t address real business and performance problems, they’re not focused on the right things. Double whammy: You’ll also send the message you don’t understand and you don’t care.

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