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User experience

User experience

Related Terms:

The overall experience a user has when interacting with a product or service.

Beginner competence definition

Beginner-level individuals have a basic understanding of UX design principles and best practices. They can conduct basic user research to inform design decisions, and are familiar with common UX design methodologies and techniques.

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate individuals are skilled in conducting user research to generate insights and inform design decisions. They can design user flows and interactions that enhance the user experience. They also have an understanding of how to use user testing data to validate design decisions.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced individuals are experts in UX design and user research, able to generate innovative design solutions that solve complex design problems. They are skilled in integrating emerging technologies and trends into UX design (e.g. AI, AR/VR, etc.). They also understand how to design user experiences that are accessible, inclusive, and emotionally meaningful for users.


Interaction design



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