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The process of creating a functional model or representation of a design concept.

Beginner competence definition

Professionals at a beginner level should have the ability to create simple prototypes using tools such as paper sketches, wireframes, or low-fidelity mockups. Basic understanding of how to test and validate design concepts through prototyping. They are familiar with common prototyping techniques and methodologies.

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate individuals are skilled in creating interactive and high-fidelity prototypes using design software. They should be able to create prototypes that accurately represent the design concept and functionality. Intermediate individuals should also understand how to use prototypes to support user testing and design validation.

Advanced competence definition

At an advanced level, professionals competent in prototyping are experts in creating complex and immersive prototypes that bring design concepts to life. They are skilled in integrating emerging technologies and trends such as AR/VR and AI into prototypes. Advanced individuals have an understanding of how to use prototypes to validate design concepts and inform design decisions.




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