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Digital communication

Digital communication

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Digital communication is the capability of individuals to communicate effectively using digital tools and channels in order to achieve business objectives. It involves understanding how to use digital tools and channels to communicate and collaborate with others, as well as understanding the unique challenges and opportunities presented by digital communication.

Beginner competence definition

At a beginner level, a person with this capability can understand digital communication concepts and principles, and can use basic digital tools and channels such as email and instant messaging, and communicate effectively with others using those digital tools and channels. They also have a basic understanding of digital security and privacy issues related to digital communication.

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate-level individuals have a deeper understanding of digital communication tools and channels. They can use advanced digital communication tools and channels such as video conferencing and collaboration software, and have a basic understanding of digital marketing and social media management. They can also effectively manage and coordinate digital communication activities to achieve business objectives.

Advanced competence definition

At an advanced level, professionals have an expert-level understanding of digital communication tools and channels. They can develop and implement complex digital communication strategies, such as managing virtual teams and coordinating communication across multiple channels and platforms. They can also analyze digital communication data and provide insights to drive business decisions related to digital communication. In our experience, their strong leadership and communication skills enable them to lead teams of digital communication professionals to achieve business objectives related to digital communication. We’ve also found that their knowledge about digital communication industry trends allows them to recommend and implement best practices to ensure effective communication and collaboration using digital tools and channels.


Digital security


Digital content creation

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