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Sales process and methodology

Sales process and methodology

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Sales process and methodology refers to the series of steps that a sales team must take to convert potential customers into customers. The process involves identifying potential customers, qualifying leads, building relationships, delivering effective sales presentations, and closing deals.

Beginner competence definition

Beginner-level individuals understand the basic steps in the sales process and are able to execute each step effectively. They can identify potential customers and qualify leads effectively. At this level, a salesperson should be able to communicate effectively with potential customers and understand their needs and preferences.

Intermediate competence definition

An intermediate-level individual develops and implements sales processes that align with the business’s overall goals, although they may still require some guidance. At this level, a salesperson should be able to use advanced communication and persuasion techniques to build relationships with potential customers and close deals effectively. They should also be able to identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling to existing customers.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced salespeople lead the development of comprehensive sales processes and methodology for the entire sales team. They can use data to identify trends and patterns in the sales process and develop strategies to capitalize on them. At this level, a salesperson should be able to coach and mentor other members of the sales team in effective sales techniques and provide guidance on how to optimize the sales process. They should also be able to anticipate and mitigate potential risks to the sales process and develop contingency plans to ensure that sales targets are met.


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