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Craig Weiss Acorn

CWG Top 20 Learning System In The World 2023

GoodFirms Top Learning Management System

GoodFirms: Top Learning Management System

Software World Top Rated LMS Software

Software World: Top Rated LMS Software

Online Degree Best LMS Software 2022: Ease of Use Ranking

Online Degree: Best LMS Software 2022 – Ease of Use Ranking

Software Advice Front Runner 2022

Software Advice: Front Runners 2022

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G2 Learning Systems Top Performer

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G2 Learning Systems Top Performer

Why is Acorn the preferred learning technology for finance & banking?


Reduce risk with government compliance standards on customer treatment.


Eliminate policy engagement apathy so fines and penalties don’t become a thing.


Realize new hire retention and satisfaction scores guaranteed to drive business results.

Risk-free PLMS features built for the financial services sector


Understand how multi-tenancy gives your financial service business the ability to deliver internal and external training.


Forget risk with IRAP certified and FedRAMP compliance levels to ensure you have optimal levels of security.


Deliver effortless compliance modules ensuring safety for your people and reduced risk for your business.

Exceptional user experience, compliance, reporting and more.

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We needed a system that could have multiple tenancies. This has allowed us to have our internal training for staff and contractors separate from our external training that is a revenue line for the business.

Melinda V, Learning & Development Manager, JASANZ