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Why You Need to Focus on the Bigger Business Picture Before Learning Impact


Marco Hönig is the Global Capability Development Director at DSS+. He joins Blake Proberts on the Strategic L&D Podcast to discuss how to evolve learning strategies during business change, why defining competencies and technical skills allows you to focus on impactful learning, and how defining capabilities and competencies brings benefits down the line, even if it all seems theoretical at first. Listen to the full episode above or watch below.

Key takeaways

1. Speak leaders’ language.

Take time to understand business strategy and the key terms they use to talk about it, because it’ll get you a hell of a lot closer to their buy-in plus show you what your goals should be.

2. Early bird gets the worm.

Proactively gather intelligence on current state, business goals, stakeholders, and existing frameworks to align strategies effectively.

3. Think about what business processes you can support.

Competencies put you closer to the heart of business needs, but you still need the right technology to support your processes.

4. Technology should enable and support.

The best solution for you is one that will work for you. Consider what could be automated or scaled more easily—and what works with your budget.

5. Metrics need context to matter.

Don’t just pull data for the sake of it, especially if it takes time and money to do so. Start with what expectations around learning your org has.

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