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Technical proficiency

Technical proficiency

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Technical proficiency involves the knowledge and skill to use relevant tools, equipment, or technology required for the job. Frontline workers with strong technical proficiency can effectively leverage technology to enhance their performance.

Beginner competence definition

Beginner technical proficiency includes basic familiarity with essential tools or equipment. Frontline workers at this level may require training and supervision when using technical resources.

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate technical proficiency involves a solid understanding and competent use of relevant tools and technology. Frontline workers at this level can work independently, troubleshoot basic technical issues, and adapt to new technologies.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced technical proficiency is marked by a high level of expertise in utilizing complex tools, equipment, or technology. Frontline workers at this level contribute to technological advancements, provide support to colleagues, and actively seek opportunities to enhance technical skills for organizational benefit.


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