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Team management

Team management

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Team management is the ability to lead, organize, and coordinate a team to achieve specific goals and objectives. Effective team management involves a range of skills, including communication, delegation, motivation, conflict resolution, and performance management. Good team management helps to ensure that team members work collaboratively and efficiently, contributing their best to the team’s success.

Beginner competence definition

Beginners understand the basics of team dynamics and communication, as well as basic leadership skills. They can communicate effectively with team members, provide feedback and recognition, and delegate tasks appropriately. They are also able to identify and manage conflicts within the team.

Intermediate competence definition

At the intermediate level, individuals have a deeper understanding of team dynamics and communication, as well as a stronger focus on motivation and performance management. They are able to identify and address performance issues, motivate team members to achieve their goals, and develop team-building strategies to improve team cohesion and productivity. They can also use data and metrics to track team performance and make informed decisions to support the team’s success.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced individuals have a mastery of a range of skills, including strategic thinking, innovation, and change management. They are able to lead and develop high-performing teams, align team goals with organizational goals, and create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. We have found they can manage change effectively, anticipate and mitigate potential conflicts, and communicate effectively with senior leaders and other key stakeholders. They are also able to create and implement effective performance management systems and develop talent within the team to support the long-term success of the organization.


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