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Supplier diversity and inclusion

Supplier diversity and inclusion

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Supplier diversity and inclusion involves promoting and supporting the inclusion of diverse suppliers in the procurement process. It encompasses activities such as identifying diverse supplier opportunities, developing supplier diversity programs, and fostering an inclusive and equitable procurement environment.

Beginner competence definition

Beginners have a basic understanding of the importance of supplier diversity and inclusion initiatives and can assist in collecting and organizing data on diverse suppliers, conducting basic research on certification programs, and supporting the development of supplier diversity reports. They may require guidance from more experienced professionals in implementing supplier diversity programs and engaging with diverse suppliers.

Intermediate competence definition

An intermediate-level professional is able to identify and evaluate diverse supplier opportunities and can actively engage with diverse suppliers to understand their capabilities, provide guidance on certification processes, and promote their inclusion in the procurement process. They also collaborate with internal stakeholders to develop and implement supplier diversity programs and track performance against diversity goals. Additionally, they possess strong communication skills to foster relationships with diverse suppliers and raise awareness of supplier diversity initiatives within the organization.

Advanced competence definition

An advanced-level professional has comprehensive knowledge of supplier diversity best practices, industry trends, and legal requirements, and can develop and lead supplier diversity strategies and programs that align with organizational values and goals. They actively seek out and evaluate diverse suppliers, negotiate supplier agreements, and drive supplier diversity performance. They also collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to promote diversity and inclusion, develop diverse supplier pipelines, and support supplier development initiatives. In our experience, they further act as a subject matter expert on supplier diversity, advocating for diversity and inclusion in procurement practices and contributing to broader diversity and inclusion strategies within the organization.


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