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Managing and maintaining IT networking and IT routing

Managing and maintaining IT networking and IT routing

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Managing and maintaining IT networking and IT routing is the capability of designing, implementing, and maintaining IT network infrastructure and routing protocols. It involves managing all aspects of IT networking and routing, such as designing and deploying network infrastructure, configuring routing protocols, and managing and monitoring network performance to ensure optimal network connectivity and data transfer.

Beginner competence definition

At a beginner level, individuals are able to perform basic tasks such as understanding IT networking and routing concepts and principles, configuring basic network infrastructure, and configuring basic routing protocols. They also have a basic understanding of networking and routing technologies and tools.

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate-level individuals have a deeper understanding of IT networking and routing. They are able to design and implement IT networking and routing processes, such as designing and deploying complex network infrastructure, configuring advanced routing protocols, and integrating network infrastructure with IT operations and infrastructure. They can also manage and monitor network performance, analyze network data to identify opportunities for improvement, and provide recommendations for optimizing networking and routing processes.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced individuals have an expert-level understanding of IT networking and routing. They can design and implement large-scale IT networking and routing processes and manage networking and routing operations effectively. They’re able to develop IT networking and routing strategies, such as implementing advanced networking and routing policies and controls, and align IT networking and routing with business objectives. In our experience, they also have strong leadership and communication skills and are able to lead teams of IT professionals to achieve business objectives related to IT networking and routing. Their knowledge of IT networking and routing industry trends allows them to recommend new technologies and services that can improve business operations.


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