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Managing and implementing production outsourcing and third-party manufacturing

Managing and implementing production outsourcing and third-party manufacturing

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Managing and implementing production outsourcing and third-party manufacturing is the capability of a production department to identify, select, contract, and oversee third-party manufacturers or service providers to produce goods or provide services on behalf of the company.

Beginner competence definition

A beginner-level competence involves understanding the company’s outsourcing strategy and goals, as well as identifying potential outsourcing partners. At this level, individuals can conduct market research and analyze data to determine the best outsourcing options based on cost, quality, and capacity. They are familiar with the legal and regulatory requirements associated with outsourcing, and can develop contracts and agreements that protect the company’s interests.

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate-level individuals can manage the relationship with the outsourcing partner or third-party manufacturer. This includes developing and maintaining clear communication channels, monitoring performance metrics, and resolving issues that arise during the outsourcing process. They can also manage the logistics associated with outsourcing, including shipping, transportation, and inventory management. At this level, individuals have a good understanding of the outsourcing partner’s capabilities, and can work with them to optimize processes and improve performance.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced individuals manage complex outsourcing relationships that involve multiple partners, geographies, and cultures. They need to have strong negotiation skills and be able to manage conflicts that arise between partners. At this level, individuals can develop and implement strategic outsourcing plans that align with the company’s overall goals and objectives. They can also identify opportunities to innovate and improve the outsourcing process, such as by implementing new technology or developing new business models. We have also found they are able to evaluate the financial impact of outsourcing and make recommendations for future outsourcing decisions.


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