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Developing and managing the company’s competitive positioning

Developing and managing the company’s competitive positioning

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Developing and managing the company’s competitive positioning refers to the process of analyzing the market landscape and positioning the company’s products or services to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. This capability involves analyzing customer needs, evaluating competition, and developing and executing a product or service differentiation strategy.

Beginner competence definition

Individuals at the beginner level understand the importance of competitive positioning and differentiation in achieving business success. They can conduct basic market analysis to identify customer needs and evaluate competition. They can also develop product or service positioning statements that differentiate the company’s offering from the competition.

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate-level individuals have experience in developing and executing competitive positioning strategies. They can conduct in-depth market analysis, develop and execute product or service differentiation strategies, and manage the marketing and communication efforts to promote the company’s competitive advantages.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced professionals should be experts in developing and managing the company’s competitive positioning. Their experience in developing and executing innovative product or service differentiation strategies allows them to create value for customers and the company. They can lead cross-functional teams to implement the strategy and monitor the competitive landscape to identify potential risks and opportunities. Additionally, we have found they can develop and implement contingency plans to adapt the competitive positioning strategy to changing market conditions.


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