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Related Terms:

The process of generating and refining design ideas and concepts.

Beginner competence definition

At the beginner level of competence, individuals are able to generate simple design concepts based on project requirements. Basic understanding of design principles and techniques for developing concepts. They will be familiar with basic tools for conceptualizing and visualizing designs (e.g., sketching, wireframing).

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate professionals are skilled in developing multiple concepts and iterating on them based on feedback. They understand how to use research insights to inform and validate design concepts. At the intermediate level, individuals have the ability to effectively communicate and present design concepts to stakeholders.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced professionals are experts in creating innovative and impactful design concepts that address complex problems. They are skilled in leading the conceptualization process and effectively guiding team members. They have an understanding of how to integrate emerging technologies and trends into design concepts.





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