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Innovation and creativity

Innovation and creativity

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Innovation and creativity is the ability to generate and implement new ideas, products, and services that add value to the organization and its customers. It includes thinking critically and creatively, identifying new opportunities and markets, and developing innovative solutions to complex problems. It also involves being able to collaborate effectively with others and communicate ideas clearly and persuasively.

Beginner competence definition

At the beginner level, innovation and creativity involves understanding the basic principles of innovation and creativity and the company’s policies and programs related to fostering innovation. Beginner-level professionals are able to participate in brainstorming sessions, follow established protocols and procedures related to innovation and creativity, and communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders.

Intermediate competence definition

At the intermediate level, innovation and creativity involves a deeper understanding of innovation and creativity and the ability to work closely with cross-functional teams to develop and implement innovative ideas and solutions. Intermediate-level professionals are able to think critically and creatively to solve problems and make decisions, identify new opportunities and markets, and train and coach others on innovation and creativity strategies and policies.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced-level professionals have a comprehensive understanding of innovation and creativity and its application in complex, global organizations. They are able to design and implement innovation and creativity programs that align with the company’s overall business goals and values, identify and capitalize on emerging trends and technologies, and develop and implement innovative solutions to complex problems. They are also able to use advanced techniques such as data analytics, market research, and customer insights to inform business decisions and strategies, and use those insights to continuously refine and improve the organization’s innovation and creativity. Advanced-level professionals also have strong leadership skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate cross-functional teams to achieve innovation and creativity goals and drive continuous improvement throughout the organization.


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