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ESG Risk mitigation and crisis response

ESG risk mitigation and crisis response

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ESG risk mitigation and crisis response is the ability to identify, assess, and proactively address ESG-related risks and effectively manage crises when they arise, safeguarding the organization’s reputation and sustainability goals.

Beginner competence definition

At the beginner level, individuals should be able to assist in identifying potential ESG risks, initiate basic risk assessments, and contribute to crisis response plans.

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate practitioners can lead in-depth ESG risk assessments, develop and implement risk mitigation strategies, and manage ESG-related crises, ensuring minimal impact on the organization.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced ESG professionals can design and implement a comprehensive ESG risk management and crisis response framework, integrating ESG into the overall risk management strategy. They are highly skilled in crisis communication, ensuring transparency and trust-building with stakeholders during challenging times.


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