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Team building and development

Team building and development

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Team building and development is the ability to create and manage high-performing teams that are aligned with the company’s overall goals and values. This capability involves identifying and recruiting the right team members, developing team goals and objectives, and providing the necessary support and resources to achieve those goals. It also involves creating a positive team culture, fostering collaboration and communication among team members, and promoting individual and team growth and development.

Beginner competence definition

Beginner-level individuals understand the basic principles of team dynamics and the company’s policies and programs related to team building and development. They can identify the qualities of high-performing teams, understand the roles and responsibilities of team members, and communicate effectively with team members using established communication channels. They can also assist in the development of team goals and objectives and support team members in achieving those goals.

Intermediate competence definition

At the intermediate level, individuals have a deeper understanding of team dynamics and the ability to manage complex teams. They are able to develop team goals and objectives, communicate effectively with team members, and provide the necessary support and resources to achieve those goals. They are also able to foster collaboration and communication among team members, promote individual and team growth and development, and coach team members on team-building strategies and policies.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced individuals have a comprehensive understanding of team dynamics and its application in complex, global organizations. They are able to design and implement team-building and development programs that align with the company’s overall business goals and values, identify and analyze team dynamics and challenges, and develop and implement strategies that achieve mutual benefits. They use advanced techniques such as team assessment tools, individual and team coaching, and team-building activities to inform team-building and development strategies. They also have strong leadership skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate cross-functional teams to achieve team-building and development goals and drive continuous improvement throughout the organization. They can manage conflicts and crises related to team dynamics and are also able to develop and implement sustainable team-building and development programs over time.


Strategic thinking and planning

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