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Managing ethics and integrity programs

Managing ethics and integrity programs

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Managing ethics and integrity programs is the capability of individuals to establish, maintain, and oversee ethical and integrity programs within a business. It involves understanding how to identify and mitigate ethical risks, establish and communicate ethical values, and promote a culture of integrity throughout the organization.

Beginner competence definition

At a beginner level, a person with this capability can perform basic tasks such as understanding ethics and integrity concepts and principles, identifying ethical risks and challenges, and communicating ethical values to stakeholders. They have a basic understanding of ethical decision-making frameworks and can work effectively in a team environment.

Intermediate competence definition

Intermediate-level individuals have a deeper understanding of ethics and integrity programs and frameworks. They’re able to develop and implement ethical and integrity programs that align with business objectives and comply with regulatory requirements. They’re able to monitor and report on program effectiveness and communicate program performance to stakeholders.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced professionals have an expert-level understanding of ethics and integrity programs and frameworks. They can develop and implement complex programs that involve assessing and mitigating ethical risks, monitoring and reporting on program effectiveness, and communicating program performance to stakeholders. Additionally, we’ve found that advanced individuals have strong leadership and communication skills and can lead teams of governance professionals to achieve business objectives related to ethics and integrity. Their knowledge of ethics and integrity industry trends allows them to recommend and implement best practices to ensure effective governance of ethics and integrity programs.


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