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Conflict management

Conflict management

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Conflict management is the ability to identify, address, and resolve conflicts effectively and efficiently. It involves using appropriate communication skills, problem-solving techniques, and interpersonal strategies to manage conflicting interests and opinions and reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. Conflict management involves active listening to understand different perspectives, negotiate and mediate, and manage emotions in order to maintain positive relationships and achieve desired outcomes.

Beginner competence definition

Beginner-level individuals have a basic understanding of what conflict is and the different types of conflicts that can arise in a business setting. They are able to identify when a conflict is occurring and have some basic skills in communication and active listening. They may struggle with handling difficult or emotional situations and may need guidance or support in resolving conflicts.

Intermediate competence definition

Individuals at an intermediate level have a solid understanding of the causes and dynamics of conflict. They are able to identify the root cause of a conflict and use a variety of communication and negotiation techniques to resolve it. They are able to handle difficult or emotional situations with more confidence and are able to de-escalate conflicts effectively. They may still need guidance or support in certain situations, but are generally able to handle conflicts independently.

Advanced competence definition

Advanced-level individuals have a deep understanding of the causes and dynamics of conflict. They’re able to anticipate conflicts before they occur and have a wide range of skills and strategies to resolve them. They handle difficult or emotional situations with ease and navigate complex conflicts with multiple parties involved. We’ve also found that advanced professionals can coach and mentor others in conflict management and are able to create a culture of effective conflict resolution within an organization.





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