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Completing a PLMS & LMS Cost Comparison in Australia [2024]

How much will an LMS cost in Australia?

If you’re looking to get the latest cost of learning technology, whether that be a LMS, LXP or a PLMS, and are creating documentation to share internally, then this page is for you.

Below we have learning technology cost estimates, in table format, that you can copy and paste over to your document. And, for a cherry on top… with link sources included.

When doing a LMS or PLMS price comparison, there are 3 types of fees published by providers:

PLMS and LMS Software Cost: What can you expect to pay one-time fee providers?

ProductStarting PricePer UserFrequency
Ability LMS$8,500NOne-Time Fee
Acorn PLMS $4,800NOne-Time Fee
Saras$12,000NOne-Time Fee
Tempus LMS$5,500NOne-Time Fee
U Z LMS$5,000NOne-Time Fee

One-time LMS fee providers. 2023 pricing from Capterra.

PLMS and LMS System Cost: What can you expect to pay per annum providers?

ProductStarting PricePer UserFrequency
Acadle$39YPer Annum LMS Fee
Acorn PLMS$69YPer Annum LMS Fee
Cloud Academy$660YPer Annum LMS Fee
Mindflash$290YPer Annum LMS Fee
Tovuti LMS$775YPer Annum LMS Fee

Per annum LMS fee providers. 2023 pricing from G2.

What you can expect to pay per month

ProductStarting PricePer UserFrequency
Adobe Captivate$33.90YOne-Time LMS Fee
Acorn LMS$5.80YOne-Time LMS Fee
Bridge LMS$4.00YOne-Time LMS Fee
Guru LMS$9.00YOne-Time LMS Fee
SysClass$3.90YOne-Time LMS Fee

Per user per month LMS fee providers. 2023 pricing from Capterra.

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