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L&D Strategy

What You Can Learn from Kathmandu’s L&D Strategy


Kelly Hopkins, People Manager of Capability and Development at Kathmandu, joins Blake Proberts on the Strategic L&D Podcast to talk about utilising technology to align business objectives with learning objectives. They also chat about why you need to go out and listen to people leaders to build trust, and what to do when you have a high turnover of early-tenure employees. Hint: Address your onboarding training experience. Listen to the full episode above or watch below.

Key takeaways

1. Think about ROI as what you’re trying to impact.

Various metrics like NPS scores and internal promotions can be used to show the impact of training.

2. Focus on the culture of learning.

To really have an impact, learning should be steeped into the workplace. Don’t just consider managers as coaches; peers can coach each other, too (and for better ROI and a shared purpose).

3. Make training a personal EVP.

Group into three questions: How can I become better at my current job? What can I develop to prepare for my next job? What can I develop to become closer to the person I want to be?

4. Network with stakeholders.

Get to know your executive team leaders and what their people need from training. That’ll make it easier to sell the whole-of-organisation training initiatives.

5. You have to cue in coaches.

Literally. Cue cards around the workplace combined with digital enablement will give you the best chance of knowledge sticking.

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