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L&D Strategy

How to Link a Statement of Corporate Intent and L&D Strategy


Melinda Varley, Learning and Development Manager for JAS-ANZ, joins Blake Proberts to talk through the importance of team in delivering strategic L&D, linking L&D strategy to your company strategy, and the key stages of building an LMS business case (and why data matters). Listen to the full episode above or watch below.

Key takeaways

1. Business acumen gets you everywhere.

You need to be able to deliver a strategy first and foremost, which means having business acumen. Budgeting, resourcing, stakeholder management—it all comes with the territory.

2. Make L&D more collaborative.

…with executives. L&D activities are then aligned with what your organisation needs in future, since by design, they’re made to support business processes.

3. Go straight to the source for feedback.

Use stakeholder sentiment to develop a business case. Approval can often hinge on data-driven decisions, so make sure you’ve got the data to show impact.

4. Validate, validate, validate.

Data’s the driver, technology is key, but nothing fuels the engine like ongoing feedback. Train your trainers, too, so they’re equipped to lead a user-friendly learning experience.

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