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L&D Strategy

The Best Path and Goals to Get to Truly Strategic L&D


Michelle Parry-Slater, L&D Director for Kairos Modern Learning and author of The Learning and Development Handbook, joins Blake Proberts on the Strategic L&D Podcast to discuss building a productive learning culture, how to play into an engaged audience before intervention, and the power of trust and vulnerability in L&D to deliver business impact. Listen to the full episode above or watch below.

Key takeaways

1. Focus on strategic intent.

Know what the business needs above all else, then what every department and team does within that.

2. Focus on cultivating a learning culture.

Understand org goals and team goals and how they bisect before intervention. It’s more than just designing courses—it’s about holistic development.

3. Don’t silo L&D.

You serve a greater purpose, so go out there and get to the heart of it and how you can empower it.

4. Tech can get you a long way, but not all the way.

Stay on top of the best trends, but use what you have to the best advantage.

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