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Competency software that delivers talent visibility and development plans, and shows you where to invest in training to deliver an uplift in performance.

Competency Management Software

Analyze your workforce, pinpoint top talent, and discover capability deficiencies.


Acorn’s competency management system provides a comprehensive toolkit for evaluating capabilities, generating insightful reports, enabling performance appraisals, and improving competency levels.


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Over 1 million users are improving competence on Acorn PLMS

We envision a world where organizations attain peak performance efficiently by empowering their people with the information they need (and nothing they don’t) to reach their full potential, based on competency assessment.

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Buy with confidence, knowing that we are endorsed by not only our large customer list, but also industry analysts who consistently recognize us as a top performer.


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How Acorn competency software delivers



Access Acorn’s AI-driven proprietary content library of 545 defined business capabilities and 1,635 competencies.



Competency assessment is a structured and standardized framework for evaluating the capabilities and competencies of jobseekers and current employees.



Map competencies to content, assign competencies to cohorts, assign competencies to users, and assign interest competencies to users.

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Competency management for job mastery, organizational capability, performance appraisals, role-based capabilities, job scorecards and more.

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The fastest path from people to performance.

Corporate learning is disconnected from performance. Legacy LMS and performance solutions have failed to inspire growth.


Modern L&D experiences need an PLMS such as Acorn to link learning and performance so that organizations can meet their goals. 


How? Define, discover, assess, and improve on core competencies. That’s how.

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Make competency management spreadsheet hell a thing of the past.