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The fastest path from people to performance

Corporate learning is disconnected from performance. Legacy LMS and Performance solutions have failed to inspire growth.

Modern L&D experiences need a Performance LMS platform to link learning and performance so that organizations can meet their goals.

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Benefits for Business

Deliver engaging learning experiences

Facilitate contextual, peer-based learning that eliminates information overload, not wading through volumes of content simply for learning’s sake.

Purpose-built to link learning and performance at every single step

Codify and operationalize capabilities, continually assess employees, identify individuals possessing capabilities inside the organization.

Consolidated learning technology

One PLMS that is best-of-breed for both internal and external use cases (i.e., for employees, partners, members, citizens, paid customers, volunteers) and provides a system of record.

Benefits for Learners

Map your journey

Easily access your performance management information to have more transparency with your career development.

Make it engaging

Get rewarded, track your progress and interact with the course content. With gamification features you’ll find it easy to absorb and retain everything you’re learning.

Take control

The Dashboard gives you total clarity over your learning and development. You’ll feel in control of your professional journey.

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