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Decentralised SCORM Hosting from Acorn LMS


Shareable Content Object Reference Model, or SCORM, is a set of technological requirements for producing and distributing e-learning materials. The fact that SCORM packages are typically stored locally within an LMS might offer a variety of difficulties. Essentially, SCORM is a wrapper that facilitates reporting from HTML or, in the past, java content. The largest standard for educational content, by far.

Do you want to share SCORM content?

Many of our Acorn LMS customers want to share SCORM based eLearning to other organisations. Examples include, regulators, software companies sharing customer training or content providers. Currently, you are probably finding in the market what we found, and that there are only solutions that are very technical which allow for sharing of SCORM content, not very easy, along with not really enabling users to also host the content for their own audience.

What’s the workaround?

There are providers of technology that allow sharing of SCORM packages, how it works is you have to send SCORMs directly or have some form of LMS integration suite.

Challenges with this workaround

All in all this can be summed by saying – you cant control their content once it’s left you and gone to your client.

Keep in mind:

Those solutions limitations though are based on lack of multi-tenancy functionality, meaning you don’t get to:

Acorn development team got to work

Our cloud-based solution solves these issues by providing a centralised location for hosting and delivering SCORM packages directly to any LMS, while allowing them to also host it internally within Acorn and multi-tenancy for other groups that don’t have the external need. This allows for greater flexibility in managing and updating e-learning content and ensures that all users have access to the most up-to-date versions of SCORM packages. Whilst also allowing the content to be within their own overall environment for things like compliance, integrations (think teams) and reporting.

It ends up looking kind of like this:

In addition, our decentralised SCORM hosting includes a range of features designed to make managing e-learning content easier. You’ll have access to detailed reporting and analytics capabilities, as well as tools for managing user access and permissions. With Acorn LMS, you can streamline your e-learning content management and deliver engaging learning experiences to your learners.

Get your SCORM content live in minutes.

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